A Day’s Adventure Plans

“Life is a beautiful adventure! In that case Nepal is life!”

If you are the young blooded adventure traveler, you are sure to love Nepal in its pure form. It is even more exciting that these adventure plans can be sought out in just a day’s time. So, stay tuned to know the top day adventure plans you can go to in Nepal.

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  1. Everest Helitour:

    Who does not know the highest mountain of the world is Everest? It is more or less the aspiration of everyone to capture it through naked eye. This is the first adventure you can go to and in a day. Is not that magic? Feel the air near the highest mountain in a helicopter ride! Just imagine the rush you would get!

  2. Paragliding:

    Next in line comes paragliding. There are new places that provide you the wonders of paragliding and the main point is Pokhara. Jumping off a cliff to fly like a bird with artificial wings. The adventure thrills you with the thought of it!

  3. Bungee Jumping:

    If you ever thought of what conquering your deepest fear is like, Bungee jumping is your stop. This is the best sport, which is in the bucket list of adventure lovers. This once in a lifetime experience is something that will change your views towards life.

    Experienced people say, “I could view my whole life in front of me! It has surely inspired me to be a risk taker without fear!”

  4. Rafting:
    Did you know? Nepal is the second richest country in water resources and yet it is a landlocked country. Isn’t that amazing? Well, for a fact, adventure plans in Nepal also involve rafting. You should definitely feel the spectacles of fighting the currants of water. It is a unique experience to go against the nature!
  5. Canoeing:

    Engage in a fun-filled adventure of canoeing with a group of your own to accomplish the sights of flowing streams, rocky surfaces, rivers and amazing landscapes. The recreational activity is best suited in the country second richest in water resources, Nepal.

  6. Jungle Safari:

    Can you imagine the possibilities of spotting the endangered species in front of you? Well then, jungle safari is your day’s adventure plan. With the highest grassland and a number of national parks/ wildlife reserves, Nepal provides you the opportunity to catch the sight of the wild in their natural habitat!

The above adventure plans are meant for you to cover in a day!

“It is true that time does not wait for anyone. Learn to utilize it!”

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