Ideal honeymoon destinations in Nepal

The season of clear blue skies after the pouring rain is here. And in comes the hues of sky blue and white right after it. The chilly temperature of the morning seems to enhance the morning glory in the air. Even the air is in a romantic mood.

Now, wouldn’t you want to enjoy this with your partner?

Aren’t you curious to know what Nepal has to offer to enhance this memorable vacation of your life: your honeymoon? This is where we tell you about what a romantic retreat of a place Nepal is. There is peace and serenity to offer you, which adds to your quality time with each other. And these are the things that we strongly suggest you do, for the new beginning of your life.

  1. Drive to Pokhara
  2. Amongst the beautiful places in Nepal, the driveway to Pokhara is a wonderful retreat to the heart. With your partner right beside you, the road trip to the beautiful city of Pokhara will delight you through the journey of hills and the green, rural side of the country. The exciting journey will captivate you through the picturesque journey of the Himalayas.

  3. Boating in Fewa Lake
  4. When you go to Fewa Lake for boating in the evening, you will get to experience this tranquilizing effect over the body of this freshwater lake. While you are floating in the lake, you can look around to find Tal Barahi temple standing afloat this bed of water. Side by side, you will be able to see the beautiful ranges of Machhapuchre, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu ranges. This trip on the lake will fill you with the sense of calm.

  5. Watching Himalayan ranges from a hilltop
  6. From Dhampus, your eyes and your heart gets to observe what Himalayan glory there is in Nepal. Watching the sun-kissed peaks of the Annapurna, Fishtail, Hiunchuli, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung Himal and other peaks with your beloved by your side will warm your heart with the sight in front of your eyes. The snowy charm of the Himalayas will get your adrenaline high.

  7. The morning sunrise from Nagarkot
  8. Nagarkot is famous to observe the morning sunrise from. The warm sunrise is something that people love to witness. You can also take pictures there while you let the morning warmth sink in as it greets you welcome. Watching the sun rise first thing in the morning with your beloved will leave your heart bewildered. And it is not just the sunrise that ceases to sweep your heart away. You can see the grandeurs from Dhaulagiri to Everest to Kanchenjunga including peaks from Langtang range as well.

  9. Trekking to Dhampus
  10. “There is something for everybody here”

    We have one more suggestion for the adventure loving couples to let their best interests bloom. You could go to Dhampus, which is on top of a hill. Climbing through the beautiful forest and countryside will surely be worth it, because from the top, you will see the snow-capped beauty of the Annapurna range, Fishtail, and other peaks that have been afore mentioned. It is not just the view from on top of the hill, but it is the journey to reach the top, with your favorite person right next to you, to make you realize that life at the end is a journey, and how lucky we are when we get to go through the tough and the nice with our favorite person.

Be it the morning vibe or the evening one, be it a forest or on the beds of water, the exotic charm of Nepal can be a fabulous destination for those who wish to experience beautiful honeymoon spots and activities.

Nepal has got a lot more to offer, but this one we will end right here. When there is so much to do and to see, wouldn’t you want to experience it all? Wouldn’t you be eager to get up and start about your journey?

You can make it more enjoyable and cozy by adding five star services in your set of activities. One thing you could also do is to add Himalayan flights to your chain of experiences. Seeing Himalayan ranges from above the grounds through your choice of vehicle: airplane, helicopter; would spice up your snowy experience.

So come along in the land of Nepal, with your beloved by your side to experience the best things that Nepal has to offer, for your honeymoon to feel magical. Come along this season, this September where the color is sky blue, the weather is clear and the feel is exotic.

10 dishes to try when you are in Nepal

If there is something that connects people together, be it in a new or a known environment, it is food. “Foodies” are what they call themselves who go in a splurge to experience as much as possible when it comes to eating. And when it comes to eating, the food culture of a place brings people out and then brings them together.

The food culture of Nepal, in that manner, is to have the type of taste that stays in your mind even after we enjoy our meals whole-heartedly. And what our culturally rich country can offer you on a plate will get your taste buds tingling, and your mouths watering. So let’s continue reading to see what there is in Nepal’s platter of food.

1. Dal Bhat

This is a given. It is what we Nepalese eat every single day. Dal Bhat is an everyday food palate which is rice, lentils with a variety of fresh vegetables and pickles. It has your necessary protein and carbohydrate on a single dine.

The side dishes are different according to the regions of the country. But most of the meals consist of some form of rice alongside any type of lentils, with vegetables of choice and season. It is the heart of the meals one consumes in a day, without which Nepalese stomach feels sort of empty.

2. Aloo Tama
Usually eaten with beaten rice, this delicious curry dish is made out of bamboo shoots, potatoes, and black-eyed beans. Aloo Tama is usually eaten on festivities, but it is also made on normal days usually in Newari households. The strong smell of the tasty flavours will make you want to have more of this soupy dish. And because it is a soupy dish, it goes well with rice or beaten rice.

3. Chatamari
Most commonly called “Nepali Pizza”, this rice-crepe like dish has the most famous fillings of meat, onions, tomatoes, chillies, cilantro which is sometimes topped with eggs. You can omit the eggs if you’d like. The rice crepe is just cooked on one side, and the spice level can be adjusted as well.

And with every crunchy bite of it, you can taste a burst of savoury flavours and different textures of the fillings. It is such a quick and tasty bite of snack that one opts to try as much as different fillings as they can.

4. Momo
Momo has quickly become one of the staple food items in our country. There is also this saying that one goes to a restaurant, scans the menu, but asks for a plate of momo eventually. That is how much Nepalese dive into a plate of momo.

It is this tasty bite-sized dumpling with the filling of minced meat or vegetables, alongside a dipping sauce that will leave your taste buds satisfied. The variety in which type of meat gets used, dipping sauce and simply how you’d like to have it (steam, fry, with soup) works in every season. Any season is momo-season for Nepalese and the buzz of having momos on a chilly day totally adds to the feel of the day.

5. Laphing

It is a very sought for a light snack that people enjoy to the max nowadays. It is a savoury and spicy cold noodle dish with gravy made of soy sauce, vinegar, and dried chillies. And although it comes from Tibet originally, it has taken its concrete space in the hearts of Kathmandu, Boudhha first.

The noodles can also be stuffed with fillings and rolled into bite-size pieces. The choices range from potato chips to crushed instant noodles. The newest addition to the filling is minced meat. It can be consumed in both dry and soup versions, which will definitely stimulate your taste palate.

6. Newari Khaja set

Like the name, it is a set of Newari food items which is usually served on festivals and occasions. The filling palate consists of beaten rice, potatoes, black-eyed beans, minced buffalo meat, pickled leafy vegetables, Aloo Tama, and pickles. It is a feast of a dine and the variety in the food items, from pickles to other vegetables, will make you hungry by just looking at it.

But you shouldn’t underestimate how filling this feast can be. Because the base of this Khaja set ie beaten rice and it can satisfy your hunger. And the array of other food viands accompanying it will take you through a Newari feast.

7. Sel roti
It is a sweet, deep-fried ring-shaped rice bread which is usually accompanied by tea. Sel roti is such a significant part of our main festival Tihar, which is a quintessential food item prepared for the festivity. Other than that, it is also eaten as a snack on regular days.

On the inside, it is this smooth rice filling and on the outside, there is this crunchy bite that awaits to awaken your sweet tooth cravings. It tastes best when is served hot, and with tea and it is a must try for those who have a thing for sugar cravings.

8. Dahi Chiura
This translates to curd and beaten rice. It is usually eaten to cool down your palate because the refreshing and cool curd mixed with beaten rice that fills your stomach is a great combination to have. It not only cools you down, but it also is a stomach-filling food item.

On the Nepali calendar dated Asar 15 every year, Nepalese household eats Dahi Chiura while the celebration of rice planting takes place. It has its nutritional value which helps the tired farmers to boost their energy that gets used up while planting the crops.

9. Bara
If Chatamari is called Nepali Pizza, then Bara is called Nepali pancake. It is also a snack, which is made out of turning lentils into a batter and pan-frying it with other fillings of your choice. You could add minced meat or egg as well.

And Bara is also a food item that is made when celebrations like birthdays and weddings take place in Newar household. It is not just a nutritious snack, but the variation of onions, tomatoes, and chillies make it even tastier than with the original lentil version of it.

10. Yomari
This dish is also for those who prefer sweetness because this is a steamed dumpling shaped like figs with the fillings of molasses (Chaku in Nepali) and sesame seeds. For the sweeter tooth, one can also use the filling of khoa (Khuwa in Nepali) mixed with sugar and raisins and anything that makes the taste sweeter.

It is such an important food item for Nepal, as there is even a festival named after the food delicacy, called Yomari Punhi. And the day’s significance is making this delicacy and sharing it with loved ones.

With this, comes the end of our must-eat food list for today. But the list doesn’t stop here. There is so much more left for the food explorers to know about. Let us know if you’d like to have more insights on the food list or join us as our guest.

And now that you’ve gotten a glimpse of what Nepal can offer, will you try it for yourself and come back to tell us about your food experience?

We can guarantee you this one thing about our food recommendations – it will definitely be an exciting journey for you to let your foodie side loose. So are you ready to indulge in the list?

Happy Eating.

How to reach the world’s largest peak in a day?

It is an understatement for what the view of the largest peak looks like from high above the sky. Picturesque isn’t enough to describe what it looks like. You’ll be in awe, for how much your eyes can manage to grasp, and yet it isn’t enough. Even when you swift your eyes as far as they can go to, the view that looks like it has been taken out of a painting will leave you stunned.

As you can tell already, we are talking about the experience of seeing Everest. And when you think of Everest, you think of trekking. But what if trekking is not everyone’s cup of tea, or what if people don’t have enough time to experience a trek? And what if one wants to take the experience without much of a hassle? Or simply, what if one wants to go to Everest in just a day?

Well, we have a solution for you. It is very much possible to see Mt. Everest in a day. And what if we told you that you get to enjoy breakfast after your trip to Everest as well? That too, in just a day. Yes, you can reach Everest in a short amount of time, in a helicopter.

You could gain this experience by booking a trip for “Everest Heli Tour”, and after the weather condition is good enough for you to take that trip, the helicopter will proceed forward while tearing the cloud. And when you see that helicopter coming down to the land, to pick you up, your adrenaline gets pumping.

This Heli tour will take you to the base camp of Everest and from there you will get to witness Everest and everything that lies around it, from aerial view. You will also be able to see the snowcapped beauty that Ganesh Himal, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Langtang and overall thirteen more mountains and more are.

Between Mt. Everest and Nuptse lies Mt. Lhotse, which feels like, is welcoming you to climb through that snowy steep to get to her. And you also see Tsuro glacier that looks like a frozen waterfall, but it is not. It is a glacier. From an aerial distance, it looks like a waterfall but when you get closer, you see that it is, in fact, a glacier.

From the top, when you see the ranges standing next to each other, you feel like you are in the center of a bigger world that you didn’t know existed. That is exactly what it feels like.

The mountains embraced mid-way with clouds look like a halo that has been pulled down to waist length. So while looking out for the mountains and glaciers, you might be thinking that there would be no sight of vegetation. But that is quite not right.

As you head back to where you began your journey from, you will feel refreshed to see some vegetation back at Pangboche.

And as your journey comes to an end, and you see the platform where you took off from, there is that sensation that the journey is coming to an end. That bittersweet feeling that makes you want to go for round two fills you with nostalgia already.

It is the feeling that you cannot believe because your eyes see something that looks like a painting, but it is not. It is that innocent confusion when you know that it is not a picture, but it looks so ethereal. You suddenly realize why people buy paintings of the Everest and how much it can awaken nostalgia.

And if having read this, makes you want to experience this yourself, you can contact us. We can tell you this much; that this experience is soulful which will touch your heart with enticement.

5 Places Suitable for a Female Solo Traveller

When you hear solo travelling, you end up finding excuses and experience dilemma regarding safety. . Especially if you are a woman. Ironically, every time a woman travels solo, she feels more empowered and connected to her grounds and roots. She realizes that her fear can be overcome because a lot of the places are left untraveled with the fear of something going terribly wrong.

What suggestion do we have for someone who wants to go and see solo? For the ones who have no idea of what to do, and also to those who’ve been doing this. It can be a friendly reminder, or it can be a suggestion.

You could opt for going on hikes and treks. Because one thing that we can tell us about them is that when you are hiking, you think of reaching tranquillity. There is no race. There is no competition that makes you want to work smart. And there definitely is no work to do than to be present at the moment. And this is one of the reasons why people go for hikes. The difficulty level might be different but there is no competition waiting to be fulfilled in the shortest amount of time. In fact, the journey becomes about taking the time to reach the destination that you want to reach anyways. And that is such a beautiful thing in this world of busyness and chaos.

So here we are, bringing you places in Nepal, where you can go solo and explore the place, thus thyself as well.

  • Nagarkot Hike
  • This hike’s beauty is in its morning sunrise, and it only takes a day out of your time.

    It is also very safe because watching the sunrise from Nagarkot is an experience that people have always wanted to have. From atop Nagarkot, you can also see the peaks of the beautiful Dhaulagiri to Everest to Kanchenjunga, and also peaks from ranges of Langtang Himalayan range in the north. After the Nagarkot morning sunrise, you can walk around and get lost in nature, because Nagarkot is a beautiful destination for those who love nature.

  • Mardi Himal Trek
  • It is a very safe trek for women who want to travel solo. And it is worth the effort too.

    The journey of 7-8 days gets, you get to witness the beautiful rhododendron forest on the way. And most importantly, you see the shining glory of the main portion of the trek, the Mardi Himal. And because this trek lies on the base of Mardi Himal and Machhapuchre, you will not only see these two mountain ranges but Annapurna South and Hiuchuli as well. We have to add that this trek is easier than Annapurna trek, yet it doesn’t compromise on the beauty behind and through this trek.

  • Kakani to Bhanjyang Hike
  • This one day hike will definitely be up your alley as this journey is in the warm embrace of serene nature.

    There is the sight of water and flora for you on the journey, so you will see streams and trees on the way. And because Kakani is famous for its strawberries, we definitely suggest you try it on your way and re-energize yourself on the way. On the way, you will also get to see the view of Ganesh Himal and Langtang range. There is also a dense forest on the way, and seeing the beauty of the Himalayan ranges from there is a sight worth mentioning.

  • Poonhill Trek
  • Because Poonhill trek is the most famous trek, around Pokhara, you wouldn’t have to be worried about your safety. It has a lot of trekkers so you don’t have to worry.

    It is a 9-day trek, so there will heap of scenic beauty that you’d love to be familiar with. On your way, you’d trek around the village of Ulleri, and when you meet the local inhabitants of Magars there, you will feel it in your heart why the warmth of people stays in the heart. Then you reach the top of the hill that is Poonhill, and your eyes will be gifted by the beautiful sight of Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Nilgiri, Hiuchuli, South Annapurna and so forth. The pine and rhododendron forests to the Deurali will leave you awe-struck as well.

    And the thing about this trek and why it is loved by those who take the experience is that, throughout this journey, there is so much to see and absorb in your heart, from the view of mountains to the waterfall, streams and forest on your way back, that various elements of the Earth end up teaching us about strength and perseverance.

  • Ghandruk village trek
  • This enticing village trek, as per the name is more than just a trek to Ghandruk. It is an experience to the bag because, you live in homestays and are directly in touch with the Gurungs, the local inhabitants of the area. And when you live with people and are directly in touch with them, the hospitality of the people will take up space in your heart.

Other than this, on the main trek, you will get to see the enriching culture of the place, as you go through the museum there. You might also meet some Gurkhas on the way who will be a reminder of what patriotism in Nepal looks like. And of course, you will be seeing the prominent peaks of Annapurna South, Hiunchuli and Machhapuchre peaks.

More than anything that stays in your heart in this journey is, one of the most helpful people who will go out of their way to make sure you are doing well, and how they will blend you into the culture of our country.

Yet this is just a snippet of what Nepal has to offer. And we can assure you that Nepal can offer a lot more than this. If it is a yes from you, we have a list of places to go to that will fill your soul with joy.

If you’d like to explore the majestic side of Nepal and also discover thyself in the process, you can contact NBM Travel and we can create together a travelling experience which empowers your soul because ladies, it is time to break the glass ceiling and go on that solo travel trip if you want to.

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