Embark on a religious journey

“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” -Buddha

Since ages, people have been doing everything in the name of religion. It is true that we have been misunderstanding many things due to lack of knowledge. What can we do about this then? Come and embark on a religious journey that will change you for life!
Where to go?

  1. Lumbini tour
    The birthplace of Lord Buddha calls you for the heartwarming trip! What inspired the light of Asia for the inception of the enlightenment passage? Cover the mysteries of the life of the peace seeker.
  2. Janakpur Dham
    This place is special for Hindus but anyone can enjoy a tour of the place. It has great religious value as Goddess Sita, wife of Lord Ram was born here. In fact, the major events of their life took place in Janakpur. For the detailed information on the events of the holy book, Ramayan that took place here, visit around the area!
  3. Gosainkunda trek
    Which trek fulfils your religious requirements with the beauty of nature? The answer is the Gosainkunda trek. Many treks to this lake to take a dip in order to clear out their sins! It is even more interesting to get there to know the mystery and secret legends that the lake holds. The beauty of the lake, which remains frozen half a year is a truly most attractive sight.
  4. Manakamana Darshan
    Next in line is Manakamana Darshan. By its name, it means the fulfilment of heart’s wish! Nepalese have the belief that they have to visit Manakamana once in their life to make their life meaningful. It is said that anything that we wish for becomes fulfilled here. You might even think it to be true viewing the gorgeousness of the place!
  5. Halesi Maratika Tour
    Halesi Maratika tour is one of the most underrated places to visit. Not only does it consist of the fulfilment of the religious interests, but it also has a pinch of mysterious vibe! The caves in the area have high religious significance. The mysteries can only be shed light on to those who travel here!
  6. Muktinath tour
    Muktinath means the place where you get salvation! It is a famous tour in Nepal for both religious and natural beauty. Here, you will find “Muktidhara” having 101 water sprouts. The belief is that if you can move through the water sprouts in one shot then it clears out your sins! You can look around the area to gain valuable information about the legends!
  7. Kathmandu tour
    Why move around the country when the capital covers everything? Kathmandu consists of five of the UNESCO world heritage sites. You can cover many places in only one day! View the religious harmony with the Swoyambhunath, Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, and many more.


Always remember:

“Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.”

NBM Travel will happily serve you for the tranquillity you expect from the religious trip!

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