Managing Director’s Profile

Sudarshan Nepal
NBM Travel
Managing Director
Date of Birth
11 July 1990
Affiliation with NATTA
12 January 2018
Bachelors From Tribhuvan University
5 years in Travel and Tourism
Nepali, Chinese, English, Hindi

Early Life

I was born in the beautiful village of Dhading on July 11 in the respectful family in a village. I have spentthe past seven years contributing to travel industry and promotion of Nepal. As a student, I
enjoyed mathematics, and being around forest and wildlife. From childhood, I have inquisitive personality. I am from Brahmin family. My grandfather and father were priest who helped needy ones in the village and I used to watch my father showing empathy to people which inculcated good habits like discipline and punctuality in me. Not only that, I have a keen interest towards music as well. I enjoy
playing the flute in free time.


I started my career working as a receptionist at the hotel for a year where I was encouraged to learn the Chinese language. While learning the Chinese language I started tutoring students side by side. Later I joined Chinese Juice factory as Manager and worked there for about 1.5 years. During that time, since I was proficient at the Chinese language, I was invited to work as a translator by hotels and agencies. I got good exposure about the travel industry and build a good connection with different hotels, agencies as well as Chinese people. I also enjoyed working as a tour guide.

Since my network was strong and I had a good experience in the travel industry, I decided to open my own travel business. The story of how the name of my business was kept is also quite interesting. Chinese people call me as Dashan where “Da” as Big and “Shan” as a mountain. From this I kept the name of my business as Nepal Big Mountain Travel. I started this business at the small place of Thamel and used to wear all hat that means I solely handled the After a trip group photo with the guests. Diwali celebration with the guests in the NBM office. 3 duty of dealer, HR, finance person. As business boomed I opened a branch office at Khasa border. Now NBM Travel has the branches at Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, and China.

I consider my ability to speak Chinese language, punctuality, and interest towards culture collaboration as my strengths. NBM Travel has a connection with around 300 hotels and plenty of airlines companies. It has sister concern Trekking Guide Team Adventure and KTM Consulting Group as well. With my experience in business, I grew my business not only in Nepali market but also in international market.

Reasons to Start with Chinese Market
We all know that China is second largest country in Asia which means it has huge population. From the data of Chinese tourist’s arrival in Nepal it is clear that China is contributing majorly in tourism sector of Nepal. Not only that, we have been learning since our childhood that China is our neighboring country and about its big architecture like Great Wall of China. Other thing is China is also rich in culture and regional connectivity of Nepal and China is also convenient through both land and air transportation. Plus, Nepal and China has long history of trade and commerce. These all factors and of course my proficiency in Chinese language led me to start business from Chinese market.

Success Stories
Involvement in NATTA

I am also an executive team of NATTA since 12 Jan 2018. My vision to promote Nepal across the world was appreciated by NATTA and I was elected by different travel agency companies around Nepal. I have been given the responsibility of whole promotion of Nepal in China and I am currently chairperson for promoting tourism in China. I have successfully conducted Nepal China Sales Mission 2018 earlier on April 16, 2018. I am also focusing on Vision 2020 and working to promote Nepal all around the globe. Needless to say, Nepal is a beautiful country rich in culture, tradition, ethnicity and diversity in terms of topography and climate. I am keen to promote Nepal across the world and will focus on Nepal’s culture and diversity. Since I have been given responsibility to promote Nepal in China specifically I will be focusing more towards promotion in China. Chinese people have great trust in a government institution and since I am involved in NATTA, this will help to win their trust and promote the nation.

Nepal China Sales Mission 2018
I got opportunity to be part of the Nepal China Sales Mission 2018 on April 16 as a coordinator. The eightday expo disseminated information about the various tourism destinations worldwide, in which NATTA conducted B2B meetings with various tour operators and travel agents to discuss about Nepal’s tourism attractions. It was conducted simultaneously in 4 cities of China – Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen. I got opportunity to coordinate in this program working with high level of government officials of Nepal. I along with honorable Foreign Minister of Nepal, Mr. Pradeep Gyawali and Tourism Secretariat, Mr. Krishna Prasad Devkota went for this program where renowned Nepali travel and tour companies, airlines companies and 5 – star category hotels hosted their own stalls, drawing attention among the Chinese tourists and participants to Nepal’s art, culture, and the Nepali lifestyle.

5th Sichuan International Travel Expo
I was fortunate to be coordinator of the 5th Sichuan International Travel Expo in Leshan, China which was conducted from 6th September to 9th September. A team from Nepal Tourism Board and NATTA represented Nepal in the expo. Nepal was featured as the “Guest Country of Honor”. This program helps to foster a special bond between Lumbini, the epi–center of Buddhism and Leshan Grand Buddha. Not only that, Lumbini was declared as sister city

I am very grateful towards Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Aviation to provide me this opportunity. I along with Minister of Tourism, Culture and Aviation, Nepal Tourism Board, NATTA, Handicraft Association of Nepal and the team did preparation for almost 3 months and from all of our collaboration, we concluded the event.

I am positive that Visit Nepal 2020 will get successful with this event as the relation between Nepal and China got even stronger with this program. And we believe with that the number of tourists coming from China will also increase.

For my work and contribution towards promotion of Nepal, I was awarded as Economics and Business Youth Entrepreneur by leader of Nepal Communist Party and then prime minister of Nepal, honorable Mr. Madhav Kumar Nepal. I am grateful to receive this award. This has motivated me to work further in this sector and contribute more for promotion of Nepal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

I do not only believe in expanding my business but also believe to develop society along with my business. For this, as per Corporate Social Responsibility, NBM Travel has been providing necessary supplies like food to needy children by associating with Prayas Nepal. During a catastrophic earthquake, I and my team were the first to visit the affected area of his village Dhading and Chepang, Gorkha to distribute relief materials. I also helped the most affected area, Sindhupalchowk, by distributing relief material.

Growth of NBM

The Company is dragged by the vision of facilitating tourists with what they seek and hence encouraging people to explore places learn cultures and ultimately lead a vigorous life. Our business back then had only 3000 – 5000 number of clients and now within few years it has quadrupled.

Travel business had a major impact due to the earthquake but NBM Travel and research team did a campaign “Nepal is safe” on July 10 and brought one group of tourists to Nepal which helped to prove Nepal is safe. Additionally, we brought the video maker from China to show Nepal is safe which helped to increase the number of tourists in Nepal. We always believe in utilizing local resources including local people to uplift the society by means of my business. We started with Nepal first and slowly we have expanded the business to Australia. With support of team and their passion towards work, we are planning to grow even bigger and have started doing business in Western Market. I believe this was possible due to support of team and my passion towards work.

Travel business had a major impact due to the earthquake but NBM Travel and research team did a campaign “Nepal is safe” on July 10 and brought one group of tourists to Nepal which helped to prove Nepal is safe. Additionally, we brought the video maker from China to show Nepal is safe which helped to increase the number of tourists in Nepal. We always believe in utilizing local resources including local people to uplift the society by means of my business. We started with Nepal first and slowly we have Group dinner with the clients 13 expanded the business to Australia. With the support of the team and their passion towards work, we are planning to grow even bigger and have started doing business in Western Market. I believe this was possible due to the support of the team and my passion for work.

Current Situation
The company is doing well and even beyond our expectations. Within a few years we have seen high business growth. One of the main factors that played role in this is that Chinese provide instant feedback and with the help of feedback, we could improve the service and rectify errors. Chinese respect culture of their own as well as others which is similar to behavior of Nepalese, so it has been good experience working in the Chinese market.

Our company has even opened branched in different city of China namely Shanghai, Chong Qing, Beijing, Chengdu with head office in Guangzhou. Furthermore to expand our business and relation with China I am planning to expand business in China by working there and contributing in creation of employment and promoting both nations.

Personal Belief

I would encourage youths to follow a passion and adapt to changes if they want to be successful in life. I have a few plans to develop tourism in Nepal and I am looking forward to it.

Future Plan
Regarding business expansion, I am planning to work on outbound market as well. I want to outbound people from Nepal, Bhutan, India and Australia to China. Moreover, I am planning to do student cultural exchange program. I believe it will help to interconnect students of Nepal and China which ultimately helps to understand each other’s culture, tradition and lifestyle. My company has 5 branches in China around different cities. I would like to spend my time their building up business and working with Government of China.

Role as a Chairperson of Promotion Committee from Private Sector

My role as a chairperson of promotion committee from private sector would be develop programs for culture exchange between Nepal and China. Not only that, I also believe student exchange program between Nepal and China could promote culture of Nepal and china as students will know the lifestyle, history, and architecture of each country. I would also like to promote China in Nepal in order to understand Chinese culture better and to promote good relationship between two nations. For this, I would like to include Chinese language in curriculum of universities of Nepal. Furthermore, Chinese Food Festival also could be a good way to promote China in Nepal and build good relation between two nations. Nepal is not only mountainous country but Nepal also boasts beautiful landscapes of hills and plains with the lowest elevation of just 70 meters. So, I plan to promote famous and underrated places of Nepal in China using online platform of China We Chat, QQ, Baidu where millions of Chinese connect with each other and with different news

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