Owner's Profile

The Man behind NBM Travel Company


I was born in the beautiful village of Dhading on July 11 in the respectful family in a village. I have spent the past seven years contributing to travel industry and promotion of Nepal. As a student, I enjoyed mathematics, and being around forest and wildlife.

From childhood, I have inquisitive personality. I am from Brahmin family. My grandfather and father were priest who helped needy ones in the village and I used to watch my father showing empathy to people which inculcated good habits like discipline and punctuality in me. Not only that, I have a keen interest towards music as well. I enjoy the flute in free time.


I started my career working as a receptionist at the hotel for a year where I was encouraged to learn the Chinese language. While learning the Chinese language I started tutoring students side by side. Later I joined Chinese Juice factory as Manager and worked there for about 1.5 years. During that time, since I was proficient at the Chinese language, I was invited to work as a translator by hotels and agencies. I got good exposure about the travel industry and build a good connection with different hotels, agencies as well as Chinese people. I also enjoyed working as a tour guide.

Since my network was strong and I had a good experience in the travel industry, I decided to open my own travel business. The story of how the name of my business was kept is also quite interesting. Chinese people call me as Dashan where “Da” as Big and “Shan” as a mountain. From this I kept the name of my business as Nepal Big Mountain Travel. I started this business at the small place of Thamel and used to wear all hat that means I solely handled the After a trip group photo with the guests. Diwali celebration with the guests in the NBM office. 3 duty of dealer, HR, finance person. As business boomed I opened a branch office at Khasa border. Now NBM Travel has the branches at Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, and China.

I consider my ability to speak Chinese language, punctuality, and interest towards culture collaboration as my strengths. NBM Travel has a connection with around 300 hotels and plenty of airlines companies. It has sister concern Trekking Guide Team Adventure and KTM Consulting Group as well. With my experience in business, I grew my business not only in Nepali market but also in international market.


We all know that China is second largest country in Asia which means it has huge population. From the data of Chinese tourist’s arrival in Nepal it is clear that China is contributing majorly in tourism sector of Nepal. Not only that, we have been learning since our childhood that China is our neighboring country and about its big architecture like Great Wall of China. Other thing is China is also rich in culture and regional connectivity of Nepal and China is also convenient through both land and air transportation. Plus, Nepal and China has long history of trade and commerce. These all factors and of course my proficiency in Chinese language led me to start business from Chinese market.