Paragliding Near Pokhara

For a thrill seeker, paragliding near pokhara is a once in a lifetime adventure. There are multiple paragliding sites in different locations of Nepal taking you over some of the greatest landscapes on earth. Paragliding from Sarangkot in Pokhara is by far the most popular in Nepal. With an altitude of around 1600 meters, Sarangkot is a suitable take-off place and can be easily reached from Lake Side, Pokhara (around 20 minutes vehicle ride). You can also hike to the site. There are stable thermals, great panoramic views of mountains, Pokhara city and Phewa Lake and a convenient landing zone which makes the flight even more safe and memorable.


In Tandem flights, a qualified paragliding pilot flies with you. Both you and the pilot have separate harnesses and are attached together. While the pilot flies and controls everything, you can relax and take pictures of the epic landscapes.


The pilot are experienced and must have at least two years of flight experience before they can be commercial pilots so you don’t have to worry on that front. Paragliding in Pokhara is safe but as with any adventure sport, there are risks. Read the rules carefully and follow the pilot’s instructions when in the air. Also, try to fly with the company which provide proper insurance coverage.


Depending on the type of package you take, the duration of a flight can range from 20 – 60 minutes.


It’s not the cheapest adventure sport but the flight duration and the awesome views are worth your money. Again, according to the type of package you take, the prices can vary between NRs. 8500 ($85) to NRs. 11,500 ($115). An additional charge of about NRs. 2000 ($20) is taken if you want on flight photo/video to take back home.


With so many companies providing paragliding services in Pokhara, there are as many packages. But roughly there are three basic packages.

The first one is a calm float around Pokhara. It is the best package if you are paragliding for the first time. You will glide around the in the periphery of Phewa Lake enjoying the majestic view Pokhara has to offer. The duration of this flight is about 20 – 30 minutes.

The second one is a Cross country tandem. Similar to the first one, you glide around riding the thermals but into the unchartered territory. The duration of the flight is about 60 minutes and the flight plan depends on the thermals. If you are in luck, the thermals can bring you to the lakeside landing zone but there is a good possibility you will land far away and have to take a vehicle ride back. It is part of the adventure.

The third one is for all the daredevils out there. It’s the Acrobatic tandem. Fly through the air with the experienced pilot doing amazing manoeuvres in the air and giving you a dose of adrenaline rush. The duration of this flight is about 20 minutes and it will leave you breathless.


If you are an experienced paraglider, and if you want to fly on your own then it is possible. You will need a flying license, a flying permit and proper insurance. You can get the flying permit from the Civil Aviation Office in Pokhara. The details of the process can be taken from the paragliding company you are in contact with.


Adventure sports are for fun. So if you decide to go paragliding in Sarangkot, sit back, soar through the air and enjoy the view.

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Happy Paragliding!!!

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