Screenshot form introductory video of Miss World Nepal

Places showcased in the Introductory Video of Miss World 2018 by Miss Nepal

The recently trending video of the Miss Nepal World 2018 has been gaining high popularity. Not only is she inspiring and gorgeous, but she also utilized the beauty of Nepal as a strong point of the video. The places that have been shown in the video are underrated spectacles of Nepal, which raised curiousness of many people. Discover the places rich in culture, religious significance and natural beauty.
Nepal is weighted as the religious place willing to offer 123 ethnic groups in addition to unique faces of the welcoming people. Here come the places that signify the serenity of Nepal with its religious harmony.

The main attraction of the video was the Gosainkunda Lake and Ganesh Himal. These places proved that the mountainous country really is the eighth wonder of the world. The Gosainkunda Lake has great religious significance along with the thrill for the trekkers and calmness for the nature lovers. The serene environment of the frozen lake will let you believe that heaven on earth is a possible concept. With the sunrise smiling from the reflections that the mountains provide, your spirit is at peace. The adventure of dipping inside the cold lake mesmerizes many people. Even the trail to the place is worth to enter into your travel diaries. You can experience the fresh air with forests, flora, and fauna lining up just for your admiration.

Next place is the Taleju Mandir in the Basantapur area. The area is famous as the Kathmandu Durbar Square in the travel agencies as it constitutes the ancient history of Nepal (also listed in UNESCO world heritage sites). The handmade arts of the 17th century are impossible to be copied. Especially, Taleju Mandir was built by the late kings of the 16th century and is generally admired from afar. You cannot afford to miss the queue to enter the temple, which is opened once a year briefly in the Dashain festival. The place has other pinnacles to offer such as the Durbar Squares that present the ancestral glory. You can even enjoy the flock of birds chirping in the area alongside the big bell, Hanuman Dhoka, and many more. The place is also a home to the living goddess, Kumari.

In addition to nature, the adventures that lie unfolded in the chapters of the travel wish list of people is the bungee jumping. There are only a few amazing places proposing this heart pounding, blood rushing adventure. The video showcases famous Bhote Koshi River, the last resort to the once in a lifetime experience. The adrenaline rush of jumping off a bridge safely to view impressive details of the place could manifest you.

Furthermore, the Bhote Koshi River also provides the dazzling adventure of canoeing through the streams. If you are to spend time in Bhote Koshi, you can find new promising ideas of white water rafting, new Tandem swing and many more.
Moreover, the Nyatapole of Bhaktapur also looked marvellous in the drone captured the view. The place is a five-storied Pagoda style temple that holds religious and ancient significance. It lies in the Bhaktapur Durbar Square area enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage sites. The place provides you feeling of a medieval city and tastes of the legends of Nepal. You could go for a bite of the “juju dhau”, sweet curd in the area for refreshment as a special dish.

What more? The last place that the video brilliantly keeps together is the longed Bouddhanath Stupa. The Stupa is known to be one of the largest in Asia followed by many Buddhist people. You can even taste the feeling of the community as the place covers many Tibetan cuisines. The chants of monks in the area, the prayer wheels, the Mani walls all push you towards the tranquillity of your psyche. You can calm your core in the unruffled beauty of the Stupa.

These unflustered exquisite locations are covered by the introductory video you cannot afford to miss. Along with these, you could envision the feeling of experiencing the trail to these gorgeous places, devouring the cuisines tranquillizing your soul to the core with a fulfilling travel diary you adore.

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