The legend of mahashivaratri

What is Mahashivaratri?

Mahashivaratri is an auspicious and one of the biggest festivals for the Hindus and devotees of Shiva. This day is especially separated for worshiping the great contributions of Lord Shiva for the world! It occurs in Falgun of the Nepali month while in February of the English month.

What people offer?

The devotees of Lord Shiva offer Water, Milk, Dhatura, Bhaang, Akwan flowers. The unmarried women fast and pray Lord Shiva to gain an ideal husband. In similar way, married ones pray and fast for the long life of their husbands to the god of death!

Legends behind MAhashivaratri

  1. Wedding day-

This is the day when Lord Shiva got married to Goddess Parvati. So, the temples are decorated in the most eye catching way for the wedding day!


  1. Saving the world-

This day also has the significance, as it is the day Lord Shiva drank poison in order to save the universe. The fight between demons and gods arose when they found poison and nectar (Amrit). Then, Lord Shiva drank the poison in order to save the world. He tied a snake in his neck in order to fight the pain. The Lords praised his bravery and kept him awake for the night to save his life! Since then, he is worshipped in Mahashivaratri as the Neelkantha as his neck turned purple due to the poison.


  1. Birth of Shiva and Shivalinga-

During the heated discussion between the Brahma and Vishnu for superiority, a never-ending flame emerged. It is known as Shiva who ended the fight by making both of the gods realize their equality. For this, people worship Shiva.


  1. Fertility of the Earth-

It is said that Goddess Parvati pleaded Lord Shiva to save earth from destruction. Lord Shiva agreed to this in case the earth worshipped him. Hence, this day signifies the fertility of earth as the flowers start to bloom after this day!


  1. Shiva’s Dance-

The origin of Tandava, the dance of creation, preservation and destruction is believed to be performed by Lord Shiva in this auspicious day!


Pashupatinath Temple

In order to celebrate the Mahashivaratri, people from all around the world come to Pashupatinath temple. There is a crowd waiting to bow down to the Shivalinga and various other idols of the Shiva! You can even see the “Baba”s or “Sadhu”s lining up performing various activities. Some of the Sadhus are covered in ashes while some prefer to be completely naked symbolizing the concept of spiritualism. It is their way of discarding the materialistic world. You will be able to view various sacred Pujas and Darshans. If you stay until late night, you can encounter the heavenly “Aarti”, an ode to Lord Shiva!

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