Travel Places you cannot afford to miss in 2019

To travel is to live.”

With the approaching New Year 2019, there are new places that are worth entering into your travel diaries to make it legendary. Whether it is the best trekking experience or the times spent in serene nature, Nepal has it all. To top it up, introduction of new accommodation facilities adds the cherry to the cake.  Here are the top 10 places that will gear you up for packing your bags immediately, ready for the unknown to embrace you.

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Top 10 places in Nepal


The first place that calls out the travel spirit in you is Gosainkunda. The place is highly in rise due to the gorgeous showcase of its beauty in the recent introductory video of Miss Nepal 2018. Gosainkunda provides you your guilty pleasure spiritually as it has great importance in the Hindu religion. The beauty of the lake, which remains frozen half the year, is purely dazzling.


Secondly, Chitwan is a new name in the list that you will notice. Many underestimate purity of Chitwan for traveling. However, this is a must visit place to observe the ethnic Tharu community in their unsullied form. In Chitwan, you have the adventure jungle activities in your backpack with the fresh air that energizes you. The endangered species along with flora and fauna welcomes you to their natural habitat. The main attraction here is the bullfight that is organized once in a year by the Tharu community in a festival called Maghi in the month of January.

Everest Base Camp

Who does not want to set their eyes in the highest mountain of the world? Everest Base Camp is famous travel destination for many tourists from all around the world. Not only does it present you with the glorious picturesque of the grayish background, but it also involves you in the adventure of the most thrilling flight in the world to Lukla. For the satisfaction of your adrenaline rush, you must set foot on the Everest Base Camp trail.


The amount of joy given is the major focus of a traveler. All the possible reasons for a travel are fulfilled by the city, Pokhara. Name it and you will get it. For adventure lovers, there are activities ranging from paragliding to bungee jumping and canoeing. Similarly, tourists seek peace in the Osho Upoban buried in meditation. There are prospects of boating attracting major portion of people that visit here. Likewise, the trek to Ghandruk village will provide you magnificent views.

Annapurna circuit trek with Tilicho

Which trek can possibly be more famous than the Everest Base Camp? Here is the answer; The Annapurna Circuit attracts most tourists with the thrilling experience that you crave. Why so? For a fact, Annapurna is the tenth highest mountain deemed one of the most difficult mountains to climb. The trekking route will take you to the highest lake in the world, Tilicho giving you the heavenly feeling. Challenge yourself to reach new heights!

UNESCO listed heritages

UNESCO lists 10 heritages under the world heritage sites in Nepal. Your New Year resolution should definitely glitter the cultural aspects. Since there are only a few places left that preserve the ancient glory, exploring the places that generate the roots to someone is truly spectacular.

Upper mustang

The highlights of past few years are the witness to the necessity to visit Upper Mustang Valley. The wind blowing there that stroke your face gently gives you a feeling that you made the best decision of your life. Moreover, the stone houses, welcoming faces, Tibetan culture proves that there is indeed a different pleasure in exploration of the unknown.

Rara lake

Next place that adds up in the list is the biggest and deepest lake of the Nepal Himalayas. Often overshadowed by other places, Rara Lake’s beauty is unnoticed by the travelers. This year, Rara Lake should be one of the places you carve your sight on.

Halesi maratika tour

Halesi Maratika is one of the places that are underrated and unknown to the travelers of Nepal. This place fulfills your religious purposes and gives off a mysterious vibe. The caves in the place are ready for exploration. Most importantly, it adds value to your trip as you gain the appropriate adventure along with many legendary stories that build up the place.


Raising the controversies of the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini stands tall in the Nepali ground. Not only is the place spiritually fulfilling but it also has ancient importance. The ever-burning flame, Ashoka Pillar built in 268-232 B.C., monasteries, and ode to Lord Buddha will startle you.

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