Trekking Essentials to carry with you

“Carry as little as possible, but choose that little with care.” – Earl Shaffer

To create the best memories of trek, the inception needs to be great. Our recent blog post about the trekking places you should not miss will help you choose the best ones. However, it is essential to know what to carry with you while trekking to be a pro pioneer.

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What to carry with you?

  • Energy foods

    Trekking is not an easy task and it drains a lot of energy. To make sure you recover the drained energy, few essentials like munching dry fruits, chocolates, energy bars and protein shakes are highly rated.

    PRO TIP: It is even better if you carry chocolates consisting nuts and fruits!

  • Water bottle

    Next is water bottle. There might be water at various stops you go when you trek. Hence, you should carry one of your own bottles of water so that you can refill the heaven drops! Keeping yourselves hydrated is the secret of glowing skin of people who trek.

  • Dry backpack

    Trekking could take you through streams and snow filled areas. This is why you will find that dry backpack is a lifesaver! You can find the dry clothes come in handy.

    PRO TIP: Choose the ones that handle the load evenly and keeps your things organized.

  • Comfortable clothes

    Comfort is the key to a happy trek. Let the tomboy out of you. Grab those pair of trousers and fleece t-shirts/ jackets you’ve always wanted to wear! Don’t forget to bring the down feather jacket, waterproof/ windproof jacket and thermal inners.

    PRO TIP: However, packing too much is a no-go. You have to carry backpack yourselves, so make it easy for you!

  • Trekking/Hiking shoes

    Furthermore, trekking or hiking shoes maximize the comfort. You don’t have to worry about the slippery roads or streams or any kinds of adventure you might encounter on the way.

    PRO TIP: We recommend shoes, which are waterproof. If the spikes get slippery in the snow, wear a pair of socks over the shoes.

  • Swiss knife

    A Swiss Knife works as a charm in treks. It might just surprise you how many uses it has.

  • Torchlight

    Being an adventure lover that a trekker is, camping and a stay outside the four walls might just thrill you. Although for this, you will need a flashlight or torchlight to support you if the stars don’t shine for you at night!

  • Hand sanitizer

    While trekking, you might go through difficult tracks. Lack of water might be an issue for your health. Thus, you must keep a hand sanitizer in your checklist to be free from germs and any kinds of upset stomach it may cause!

    PRO TIP: Don’t forget the toilet papers and wet wipes!

  • Shade and protect

    Grab yourself a pair of caps and sunglasses. You can also protect your skin by using sunscreens, lip balms. Beat the heat and walk towards the destination of your choice with all your might!

    PRO TIP: Blue shades make the background look better rather than brown ones.

  • Trekking map

    The last thing you want to do is get lost in the nature, literally! You never want to be casted in “Man Vs wild” alone. For getting away from such conditions, trekking map is a helpful tool!

    PRO TIP: Listen carefully when the agency provides briefings.

  • Medical kit

    You should definitely carry a small medical kit consisting of the essentials you need along with the general medicines. It needs essentials like band-aids, bandages, antiseptics, lotions, creams for burns, bruises, etc.

    PRO TIP: Consult your travel agency about it! You can take medicines that they are missing.

  • Power bank

    You should definitely bring your power bank with you! The trek routes will inspire you to click photos not only of you and your travel friends but also of the astounding nature. The power bank will save you from the regret later after the trek ends.

    PRO TIP: Charge your power bank when possible!

  • Always Remember:

    “Leave the roads, take the trails!”

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