Destination Wedding in Nepal – 5 Days Itinerary

Destination Wedding in Nepal – 5 Days Itinerary

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Destination Wedding in Nepal

Wedding is the most special occasion one comes across in life and surely, everyone wants this special event to be memorable. What would be better than a destination wedding in Nepal? With the increasing trend of destination weddings in Nepal, Nepal Big Mountain Travel has come up with a special destination wedding package in Nepal. Get the best wedding experience with NBM Travel as we are best at taking your relationship to the next level in Nepal. Nepal is a country with diverse people, cultures, and religions, and it is probably the best place to take vows of love, life, and happiness. NBM Travel offers a 5-day destination wedding itinerary in Nepal that provides the couple an exciting wedding experience in our mélange country. You can choose to get married between two major traditional weddings in Nepal – Hindu Marriage and Buddhist Marriage

Hindu Marriage

Hindu marriages in Nepal take place as per the rituals mentioned in Sanskrit. The marriage starts with the arrival of the groom with janti (family, relatives, and friends from the groom’s side), chanting, and dancing with the rhythm of Panche Baja (a traditional Nepali musical instrument). As the groom arrives, the bride pours water from Kalash, a sacred metal pot for Hindus, and makes three rounds around him.Next, the swayambar (engagement) begins when the couple then exchanges garlands, put tika to each other, and then exchanges rings. Finally, the wedding ceremony starts. The traditional Hindu marriage is held inside a canopy with four pillars, called a mandap. The bride, dressed in red, and the groom, wearing traditional Daura surwal with Dhaka topi, sit inside the mandap to begin the Hindu wedding in Nepal. The hand of the bride are painted in elaborate mendhi or henna designs.In Hinduism, marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime event where the couple makes seven holy promises before Agni (fire) inside the mandap. The sacred fire is considered the witness of their promises. The bride and groom invoke blessings from various deities during the ceremony. The two then make seven rounds around the mandap to take the seven vows of togetherness. The newlyweds then take the blessings from their elders and finally, the marriage ceremony comes to an end.

Buddhist Marriage

Buddhist marriage is a traditional Nepali marriage, highly practiced in the Himalayan region of Nepal. Buddhist wedding ceremony does not contain complex rituals. Buddhist wedding in Nepal is performed at Monastery. If you choose a Buddhist traditional marriage in Nepal, we will conduct your marriage at Boudhanath which is considered of the large monasteries in Nepal.The bride and groom are dressed in traditional Buddhist attire – the bride puts on a Bakhu, Sleeve blouse, special coat, hat, and a scared scarf, while the groom wears a traditional cap and sash around his waist. You will have to remove your shoes before you enter the shrine room for your Buddhist wedding in Nepal.Your Buddhist marriage begins as a highly respected Monk (Buddhist priest) enchants mantras and set up wax candles and flowers before the shrine of Lord Buddha. The monk will then performs the customary puja (worship) to solemnize your wedding. You and your spouse-to-be will do customary offerings under the guidance of a Monk. This is a traditional way of taking blessings in a Buddhist wedding ceremony in Nepal. The to-be married couple would light the candles and incense sticks, and recite the Tisarana, Pancasila, and Vandana. The sounds of traditional Tibetan instruments will provide you with a spiritual flavor. Your Buddhist marriage will come to an end with the recitation of the Mangala Sutta and Jayamangala Gatha by your parents or the assembly.

Why NBM For Destination Wedding in Nepal?

Traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is meant to honor the love of the couple and ensure the success of their marriage. It holds significant importance to your life, and thus, it is important that you choose the best wedding planner in Nepal to make your big day impressively unforgettable. NBM Travel is always in the front when it comes to making your wedding in Nepal successful and memorable in Nepal. We have deliberately created our destination wedding packages in Nepal that are modifiable as per your need. Connect with NBM Travel and start planning for your destination wedding in Nepal now.

Destination Wedding in Nepal Highlights

  • Luxury accommodation at the Dwarika Hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Stay in a specially decorated suite.
  • Tie the knot in the traditional Nepali way – Hindu marriage or Buddhist marriage.
  • Understand the traditional and religious significance of marriage in Nepal.
  • Honeymoon at an award-winning resort, the Dwarika’s Resort.
  • Salt bath at the Dwarika’s Resort.

Short Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Day

Day 2: Shopping for marriage ceremony

Day 3: Marriage day in Hindu/Buddhist Culture

Day 4: Honeymoon in Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel

Day 5: Departure Day

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival Day

Upon your arrival to Kathmandu, a representative from Nepal Big Mountain Travel will welcome you at the airport with a special garland and a traditional Buddhist scarf. You will then be transferred to the Dwarika’s Hotel where a special welcome function will be waiting for you. Our representative will brief you on the plans ahead. You will then be taken to a specially decorated suite where you can take a rest. The rest of the time is on your own. You can explore the places nearby by yourself. We will then organize a special romantic candlelight dinner for you. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 2

Shopping for Marriage Ceremony

The second day is set aside for the preparation of your wedding. The bride and groom-to-be will engage in shopping. Arrangements for dresses, jewelry, and other essential wedding items will be done on this day. Our guide will be with you to help with your shopping. He will guide you to different malls and places where you buy wedding items, including your traditional Nepali wedding costumes. At night, you will have a great dinner and relax in your hotel room.

Day 3

Wedding Day in Hindu/Buddhist Culture

Day 3 is the big day for you and of course, you are excited for it. Today, you wake up early in the morning and get ready for your wedding. A few representatives from NBM Tavel will help you with dress-up and makeup to glow you up for your big day ahead. After getting ready, you will be transferred to the wedding venue. Your wedding ceremony in Nepal will be conducted at Nivas Boutique Home in Kathmandu. We provide you with two traditional Nepali wedding options to get married in Nepal – Hindu Marriage and Buddhist Marriage. The wedding rituals differ on which type of Nepali marriage you choose.


As your traditional Nepali wedding ceremony ends, we will have lunch at the venue and spend some time taking wedding photographs. We then return to our hotel where our representatives will be waiting for you to congratulate you with music and flowers. We will organize a romantic candlelight dinner with champagne and a special wedding cake for the newlyweds. Overnight at the Dwarika’s Hotel.

Day 4

Honeymoon in Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel

The next day, you and your spouse will drive to the Dwarika’s Resort in Dhulikhel for your honeymoon. It is one of the most renowned resorts in Nepal. The resort has a ‘living museum’ which will provide you with a luxury experience while staying there. You can perform many other activities in the resort. There is a room made of salt blocks in the resort where you can take a salt bath. You will be served traditional Nepali food at night. Overnight at the resort.

Day 5

Departure Day

Your destination wedding package in Nepal is finally over. On day 5, you can enjoy your breakfast with your spouse, and later that day, a representative from NBM Travel will come to the resort to transfer you to the airport for your return flight home.

Perfect Time for Destination Wedding in Nepal

Traditional Hindi wedding ceremonies in Nepal occur in certain months and days that are considered good luck. The Pandit (Hindu Priest) determines the wedding dates as per the positions of the planets and zodiacs of the couples. As per Hindu tradition, Mid-January to Mid-March, mid-April to mid-June, and mid-November to mid-December are considered the perfect time for a Hindu marriage in Nepal. Similarly, the date for a traditional Buddhist marriage is decided in consultation with a monk who has a great knowledge of astrology.


  • Guide fees, government taxes and office service charges
  • All transportation charges as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Helicopter Charge
  • Certificate of Completion of Tour
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Décor & Room Decoration Charges
  • Cultural Nepalese Wedding Attire, Jewelry, Shoes and Accessories for both Bride and Groom
  • Camera, Equipments & Photographer Charge
  • A Priest / Monk performing the ceremony at Kalapathar
  • Wedding at Kalapatthar for Pictures & Videos by professional photographer

Not Included

  • Personal expenses
  • Tips (Tipping is expected)
  • All other services not included in the itinerary
  • Any kind of insurance
  • Excess baggage charge(s)
  • Everest National park fees $30 each



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Viet Anh
Viet Anh
The tour gave me such an amazing experience, especially about the cultural, historical and religious values of Nepalis. 2 colleagues and me went on 1 tour of NBM Travel, in 4 nights and 5 days in Nepal (Limbini, Nagarkot, and Kathmandu). Mr Sujit, the Manager was very supportive in arranging a customized tour for us, meeting all our requirements. He is very responsive and professional, with quite good connections to help us (our domestic flight was delayed, he managed to get us on board of an earlier flight)Mr Subash, the Tour Guide, was also responsible and hospitable. He always tried to make us enjoy the trip. He is also expertised in his job, knowing a lot of information about the tourist attractions. He was very ready to help when we want to buy local fruits, and very collaborative when we want to change the schedule.The tour gave me such an amazing experience, especially about the cultural, historical and religious values of Nepalis. In our tour, we also planned to see the Himalayan Ranges from our Hotel in Nagarkot and from Chandragiri Hills, but the weather was so cloudy during our stay. It may be a good reason for our come back to Nepal next time and enjoy the hospitality of NBM Team.
Ciara M
Ciara M
Fantastic We had such a fantastic experience in Nepal with this tour company. We were overwhelmed by how welcoming and warm Sudarshan and his team were from the moment we arrived. We felt so comparable and taken care of in the beautiful Nivas Botique home in Kathmandu. The rooms are beautiful and very comfortable. We enjoyed delicious, complimentary authentic Nepalese meals and had such a fanatic stay here. We travelled to Pokhara for 2 nights in very comfortable private transportation. We had a fantastic 2 days of activities including paragliding and white water rafting, all organised for us. We couldn’t have asked for a better trip and I couldn’t recommend using this travel company more. We will definitely be back in the future!
Rory N
Rory N
Amazing Trip! We spent 4 fantastic days in Kathmandu and Pokhara with NBM travel. Our trip included paragliding, sight seeing and an Everest flight. Management went above and beyond to make us feel welcome, safe and ensure that we had the best time. Would highly recommend this travel company!
绝美风景,期待下次再见 不同于之前在国内看到的雪山,喜马拉雅山系的雪山绵延不绝,又高又长,能见度好的时候能看到一片的雪山,感觉自己第一次离雪山那么近,超震撼的感觉。看到了鱼尾峰的鱼尾巴,好美!雨林里山中的空气超级好,刚好走的那段路像原始丛林一般,很美空气很新鲜,竟然有点爱上这种雨中漫步的感觉~选的旅行社的老板人真的很好!安排的十分妥当,爱上这种异国他乡的快乐啦哈哈!不过这是我们第一次相遇,但绝对不是最后一次相聚!
很棒的旅游体验-Kathmandu 一直有想去尼泊尔旅行的想法,前些日子终于下决心仔细研究了,人生地不熟的,问了朋友的朋友有没有旅行社推荐,就推荐了这家,英文名NBM中文名大山旅游,老板中文名也叫大山,感觉对中国文化很有研究,让我们这种出国游的感觉很安心。老板很靠谱,给安排了懂中文的向导,沟通很顺利,人也很亲切。不得不说尼泊尔景色真不错,适合放松身心,有机会的话还会再来,也会多推荐大山旅游的。
Tina B.
Tina B.
Great if you have limited time to visit the city I was in Nepal in November and after a trek of 10 days I only had 1 and a half day to visit Kathmandu. I found out many places to visit in Kathmandu are far from each other (5 to 10 km) and walking between places is not an option (heavy traffic). So I decided to book a private tour (I was a solo traveller) and had a great experience. My guide Raj took me to all the important places , UNESCO sites, and explained everything about the place we were visiting. I would recommend this tour to anyone who has limited time to explore the city. -1 point as the guides will take you to shop/restaurant they have an agreement with, I didn't mind the shop as they don't force you to buy anything, but I would have wanted to choose the restaurant by myself
Hari r
Hari r
Cable Car Trip near Kathmandu Me and my friends travelled Kathmandu this July and we went for a short distance trip to Chandragiri Hill. Cable Car took us to Chandragiri hill, which is best to escape from hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. The view of Kathmandu was beautiful as rain cleared up the sky. The guide we were provided was professional and he told us incredible stories of the hill. Overall it was fantastic trip.
Bindu B
Bindu B
Trekking, Local, culture views and sites 5 days in Nepal trek was awesome. We went to Sundarijal, then to Chisapani walking a lot of stairs and then to Nagarkot. We could see beautiful peaks from Dhaulagiri to Everest. People at Sundarijal seem very friendly. All in all, our trek was very nice and we enjoyed it very much.
Stephanie H
Stephanie H
Amazing Trip! Thank you to the folks at NBM Travel for an awesome trip to Nepal! Shristi was incredibly helpful with coordinating everything and answering all of my silly logistical questions from the moment I booked the trip. My tour guide Mani provided so much support on the tour, from sharing his knowledge about Nepali culture and history, to helping me find souvenirs at a good price, to rearranging our itinerary when we had weather delays. I chose this tour specifically to learn about the many cultures and lifestyles of Nepal and was not disappointed. Each location was so different from the last - Kathmandu is the chaotic capital, Chitwan is a gorgeous jungle where you’ll see animals that you’d never expect to see up close in real life (still can’t believe how close I was to crocodiles and a rhino!), and Pokhara feels like a cute beach resort. We were unable to go to Lumbini due to weather, so we spent an extra day in Pokhara and an extra day in Kathmandu, which worked out fine for relaxing and shopping. Even the bus rides between cities were interesting because you could see examples of life in the countryside and some really cool landscapes. There was a decent balance of sightseeing and free time, and I really liked each of the hotels we stayed at. If you are interested in learning about Nepal beyond trekking, this is a great introduction. They have such an interesting diversity and unique history, I wish more people knew about it!If you go in July, like I did, you’ll likely catch some rain (monsoon season), so make sure you pack accordingly! Rain boots, rain coat, and quick dry pants worked well on rainy days and the boat tour/jungle trek in Chitwan, plus a few pairs of comfortable pants and a pair of sandals for sunny days. Don’t let the name “monsoon” scare you off from coming if this is the only time of year you can go. You’ll still see, do, and eat a lot! (Make sure you have dal bhat and momo while you are here...they are the best!)
Swostika M
Swostika M
Exciting trip in cable car Had a experience of such a steep cable car. The trip was exciting and the mountain view was worth the travel.

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